TicktapPay is a trading name of Fibantech LLC (“TTP”) USA based digital transformation company specialized in Merchant, eCommerce, and Fintech platform. TicktapPay is a cashless e-wallet application integrated with a USA payment processor which is supported worldwide in various countries except sanctioned countries.

Users are often required to be at least 18 years old

No, you do not need to pay for any fees to use Ticktappay e-Wallet

Your personal information will not be shared or sold to any other parties.

Only ONE ID for ONE Ticktappay account and each account is only allowed to be linked to ONE unique mobile number and email address.

As a Ticktappay user, you will get to enjoy the basic services Ticktappay has to offer.

• Reloads for mobile prepaid

• Paying postpaid bills

• Paying utility bills

• QR code payments

• Virtual card

• Online Shopping

• Transfer money to other Ticktappay e-Wallet users

TicktapPay membership is FREE but some of our services are chargeable to help keep the lights on and maintain operations.

This 6-digit Security PIN is required to be keyed-in when making payments using TicktapPay e-Wallet. It is a security measurement to prevent any unauthorized transactions happening from using your TicktapPay e-Wallet account.

You can change your 6-digit wallet PIN at Account Security

You may reset your 6-digit Security PIN by following the steps below :-

Step 1: Login to your TicktapPay application

Step 2: Click Account and choose Security

Step 3: Click on Forgot PIN

Step 4: A temporary 6-digit Security PIN will be sent to your registered email or mobile number (via SMS)

You may reset your 6-digit Security PIN by following the steps below :-

Step 1: Login to your TicktapPay application

Step 2: Select Profile

Step 3: Choose Security

Step 4: Select Change

A set of usage limitation and control mechanism is being put in place as part of our security feature enhancement. This is to ensure that we protect our users from any malicious activity, or any unanticipated losses.

Yes, you can change your password. Go to Account then Profile. Click on Change Password. You are required to key in your current Password and new password.

You can reset your password in the login screen. Press Forget Password and key in your registered mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your registered number. Please follow the instruction in the app to set your password.

Yes, you can change your email address at Account section under Profile. Enter your 6-digit wallet pin to change. This email address will receive notification like payment receive and updates for your TicktapPay Wallet.

From the Account in your app > tap Profile and you'll be able to update your email, preferred name and mobile number.

eKYC is known as Electronic-Know Your Customer. It is a digital way of paperless process of identifying and verifying our customers.

This is to ensure there is no stolen identity in our wallet platform. This is to ensure and prevent such activity as stolen identity, money laundering, terrorism financing, and other illegal corruption schemes are not expose in our wallet platform.

eKYC can be performed by providing any of below:

• Local identification document issued by local government.

• Passport issued by respective country.

Follow these few simple steps to verify your TickTapPay account:

Step 1: Login to your TicktapPay apps

Step 2: Click Verify your TicktapPay account to proceed

Step 3: Capture front and rear side of your ID card image

Step 4: Capture a video of your selfie

Step 5: DONE!

Taking a selfie is compulsory as part of the mandatory process of eKYC to allow the business (TicktapPay) to know if the information captured from the ID matches with the entity that performs the eKYC process. Any information and details (e.g : name, address, DOB, photo of user and etc) provided during eKYC process are securely retained in our system and not disclosed to any parties except requested by the financial regulator.

Once you have submitted your documents, it will usually take 24 hours for our internal checking. We will notify via Apps once your submitted documents are approved.

After you have completed the eKYC process, you should be able to see the eKYC status updated on your Profile page of the mobile application.

No, user is not allowed to submit passport that will expire within next 6 months for verification.

You may send us an account termination request by emailing us at